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The Royal Sporting Hotel (RHS) undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the personal information of the users of its services.
The present policy summarises the principles and procedures followed by RHS in managing the personal data, in addition to describing the type of data we collect and the manner in which we process them.
Any personal data supplied shall be processed on the basis of the contents of the present document. RHS urges visitors to its Website the read the informative note on the confidentiality of personal data that appears below.

Informative note on Web Privacy:
Under the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003, RHS Guarantees compliance with the rules and regulations governing the protection of personal data. In particular, RHS strives to achieve a level of information accuracy sufficient to minimise the risk of inexact data being used, and it undertakes to correct or complete data found to be erroneous or incomplete, in addition to guaranteeing that the information proves to be exact and correct.

This document, together with the “Information Notification on Privacy”, must be read and accepted prior to the sending of any personal information or the compilation of any electronic form found on the Website. Voluntary transmission of our data through our site indicates that you accept the terms of the “Information Notification on Privacy”.

Respect of privacy on the pat of the employees of RHS:
RHS promotes respect, on the part of its employees and outside contributors, of elevated moral values, standards of conduct and integrity in their working activities, obliging them to ensure that personal information is utilised properly and that reserved personal information remains confidential. Only employees and outside contributors specifically authorised by RHS may access data of a personal nature pertaining to yourself; in addition, all the outside contributors and employees must follow the procedures contained in the present document or risk being subject to the disciplinary measures contemplated under the law and under the collective bargaining contract.

RHS is entitled to modify the technical features and he structure of its site, in addition to varying, at its sole discretion, the procedures for accessing the site and its different parts.

Navigation in our site requires acceptance by the user of the contents of this document: “Privacy Policy”. Should you not approve with what is stipulated herein, either in all or in part, we ask that you leave our site and refrain from using it to send personal data.

For the purposes of the present document, the expression “personal data” indicates any information that makes it possible to identify an individual or user of the site, such as: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.

Use of the data:
The personal data supplied are used in the ways indicated below.
Purposes of the collection of personal data: We collect only the personal data necessary for the purposes for which said data were transmitted by the user. The data processed by RHS specifically regards all the information sent by the interested parties by means of traditional mail, fax and e-mail, involving requests for information, hotel reservations and other services offered.
User ID and password: provides access to sections containing reserved information and protected contents.
Correspondence via e-mail: makes it possible to respond to various types of problems, suggestions and questions.

Extent of data communication and transfer:
For purposes that serve strictly to confirm reservations, provide the services requested or respond to any requests for information, RHS communicates elements of your personal data to third parties, both in order to fulfil specific legal obligations and so as to enact whatever has been requested. The detailed list of the third parties in question is available at the registered office of RHS and may be consulted by sending fax to the number +39 0187 790326. Your data shall not be transferred abroad.

Accessing and updating data:
In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (art. 7), you may request that the data regarding you be corrected, updated or cancelled from our archives. To exercise this right, you may contact GHC At the company’s registered office in Portovenere (SP) via Olivo 345 or by a fax number +39 0187 777707 or by sending an e-mail through the contact form. In order to make possible proper management of a given request, the following must be included:
– our own personal data: name, address, e-mail etc.
– the details of the request: new e-mail address, modification of the data etc.

Security measures:
When you agree to supply personal data, you must be aware of the risks inherent in the transmission of information over Internet. Access to personal data is reserved exclusively for employees who request the data to perform their work. In certain cases, it could prove necessary to communicate personal data to third parties, though solely for the purposes declared in the present document.

Preservation of the data:
RHS declares that personal data are preserved for the amount of time necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected and/or processed, and that they are updated, in part to satisfy the obligations of the law.

Structure of the site Surreptitious collection of data:
Our site’s browser transmits to the web server only the information strictly necessary for establishing the communication, without using techniques that make possible invisible processing of personal data.

Using our site, we also collect information on our computer’s navigation on the site.
This s doe using the so-called cookies, meaning small text files which, when transferred onto the hard disks of our visitors’ computers, inform us of the frequency of our visits and collect data on the type of navigation performed.
It is always possible to block the configuration of cookies by giving the navigation browser the proper setting. Even if users deactivate the cookies in their browsers, they may still access the majority of the contents of our website.

Links to other Websites:
RHS provides links to the Websites of third parties. Given that RHS has no control over these Websites, users are advised to examine the informative notifications on the confidentiality of personal data entered on these and on all the others. RHS can in no way be held responsible for outside sites in any way connected to our site.
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