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relax area

our treatments

In the lobby there is a nice place for your relax: a tisane corner to introduce body and mind to the treatment; a fitness centre; a massage room with a cabin for traditional treatment and the new THALATEPEE SUITE where you can choose the treatment suitable for you, relaxing body and mind under a coloured sky with the lights of the chromo therapy combined to the benefits of the aroma and music therapy.

The meaning of the name
The name Thalatepee comes from the tepee of the American Natives “Lakota” or better known as Sioux. In the tepee they practised the INIPI (rebirth) which was a ritual of purification, one of the seven holy rituals. To recreate this process of purification common to all cultures in the world, the structure is based on the combination of the four natural elements: water, air, fire and earth. The style is Arabian and reminds of the ancient tradition of purification made through steam, known for 2000 years in the Mediterranean area.

In the Thalatepee room you can stay alone for a massage or it can contain up to 8 people for Turkish bath, sauna or thermal treatment. In the thermal treatment for exemple the computer allows you to “enter” the 4 roman rooms of Tiepidarium, Calidarium, Laconicum and Frigidarium with four different levels of humidity and temperature with the massage of oil and savonage. The traditional maroccan ritual of Hamman helps you to purify your skin with the clay and the black soap allows the exfoliation.

For your relax we suggest you the Turkish bath or the sauna with its relaxing effects for the muscles and its pain relieving effects which help you to reduce stress and anxiety and we also advise you the Sun or Moon treatment, restoring or cleansing.

It is possible to have treatment with mineral salts or mud and to book personalized massage for your relax: ayurvedic, relaxing, lympathic drainage, reiki, with warm oil and gem.

With Morjana’s Cosmetics you can do all the rituals of purification for your body, your face, your hands and feet and you can also have a nice colour with the self-tanning ritual based on the hennè!

With Gemology’s Cosmetics you can do relaxing, restoring or invigorating scrub with gem massage.

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